New Product: "Bow-Tie" Ignition Timing Degree Wheels by CBS

New Product: "Bow-Tie" Ignition Timing Degree Wheels by CBS

2022 is off to a great start for us folks here at CBS

We have been knocking out a few company projects that we have been working on and designing during the past year

Today we would like to introduce to you our newest addition - the CBS “Bow Tie” style ignition degree wheels

Let’s dive in..

There are plenty of degree wheels currently on the market today that can get the job done, however most are generic but very few are unique..

So why did we decide to offer another ignition degree wheel to the market?

For us it consisted of 3 (important) key elements

  • Convenience
  • Inspiration
  • Accuracy 

The inspiration behind our new “Bow-Tie” style degree wheels was composed from the original Triumph Corporation (Tri-Cor) degree wheels that were sort-of popular in the mid-1960’s & 70’s

The convenience and slim design aspect of the “Bow-Tie” degree wheels allows the user to set and check ignition timing (points) without having a large and bulky degree wheel 

With a standard 5" round degree wheel, it is not uncommon to accidentally "bump" your degree wheel after set-up with your screw-driver when making an adjustment - our design prevents that 


CBS Degree Wheels & Tri-Cor Degree Wheels


Although inspired by the original Tri-Cor ignition degree wheels we added our own personal touches and made some fine (but important) adjustments

Let’s do a little comparison below of the original Tri-Cor degree wheels and our new CBS degree wheels


Original (Tri-Cor) Degree Wheel Specs

  • Plastic (prone to breaking and flexing)
  • 7” in total length
  • 3/16” center hole
  • Painted text

CBS “Bow-Tie” Degree Wheels

  • 6061 precision laser cut alloy
  • 7” in total length
  • 1/2” center hole
  • Durable anodizing
  • Fiber laser engraved text
  • Added degree marks (better accuracy)


As you can see the CBS “Bow-Tie” degree wheels feature some smart upgrades that will make your ignition timing more convenient, quick and accurate

We bumped up the center hole size on the new units from 3/16” to 1/2” as most adapters on the market today (and the adapters) we stock are 1/2” - original Tri-Cor wheels used a hard to find 3/16” adapter..

6061 laser cut alloy then dipped in your choice of red/white and black/white - easy on eyes and the durability of the wheels feel great in your hands

A few added degree marks on our new “Bow-Tie” degree wheels also helps with ignition timing accuracy and consistency..



Alright so degree wheels are 360 degrees which mean they are universal, however, our wheels are meant to be used when setting ignition timing (points) - not for cam timing!

Ideally, our degree wheels are great for models that are still running good ol’ Lucas points on unit construction Triumph and BSA (singles, twins and triples) as well as Norton Commando twins

If you don’t already have an adapter, keep reading as we have some adapters that we offer that will work with our degree wheels..

If you own a lathe and you want to use our degree wheels for other applications, by all means feel free to machine your own adapter..


Our stock

Red & Black Degree Wheels


Currently we have 2 different colors of degree wheels that we would like to offer you; both made and designed here in the USA

To place your order, please click on the links below

 Part Type Price  Link
Red / White Degree Wheel (CD376) $34.95 Click Here
Black / White Degree Wheel (CD376) $34.95 Click Here


We also stock universal adapters to mount our degree wheels for most (not all) applications - adapters thread through and will lock your advance-unit to set ignition timing

Adapters come with a threaded body, washer and thumb screw

Click the links below to place your order

 Part Type Part # Link
Early adapter (CEI) thread pitch 60-0605CEI Click Here
Late adapter (UNF) thread pitch  60-0605UNF Click Here


For camshaft timing

As I'm sure you are already aware (but I'll say it again), our "Bow-Tie" degree wheels are to be used for ignition timing purposes only, however, for those doing camshaft timing I do recommend checking out Dan's 9" degree wheel (Franz & Grubb), its pretty rad

 Click on the image below..

Franz & Grubb Degree Wheel - B/W

Thanks for reading todays post 

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Should you have any questions, please drop us a comment using the comment section below 

 Ride safe! 

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