Website Update: Free Shipping Threshold

Website Update: Free Shipping Threshold

Today I wanted to share with you all some updates that will be taking place to our current free shipping policy 

If you have been a long time CBS customer we appreciate you, and highly recommend taking the time to read this article..

Right off the bat, we are not getting rid of our Free Shipping policy, just some "tweaking" 

With inflation, shipping and product costs on the rise, we really have to look at the bigger picture and the state of the hobby industry as a whole 

In short, our main focus is on our free shipping policy...

Our free shipping policy has been in effect with my company for many years now, and to be honest, most folks are not big fans of it..

Here's why

Some like it and some don't 

"Free shipping" in many cases can be a mind game, a customer "thinks" they are getting items shipped for free, but many times the shipping is included in the already "inflated" price 

Essentially you would be paying for a part and shipping on top of it

Example, if you pay $14.95 for a bolt, you are actually paying for the bolt and shipping that is combined in the price, so if you order x2 bolts which is $29.90, you are paying for the part and shipping twice...(over paying) 

Another example, If you have an order with 10 small items, you are paying shipping on all 10 items 

Our new update will correct this 

Keep reading.. 

Our main focus

Our main focus is to bring the price of smaller items / parts down to an affordable price, and offer all shipping methods for that item / order that works best for our customers

This method actually works better because the customer gets smaller items cheaper, and most small items can ship at a low rate when using USPS First Class Mail or USPS Priority mail 

So what is our plan to combat this kerfuffle? 

Free shipping threshold 

We are implementing a Free Shipping threshold starting today on both phone orders and website orders 

You will get free shipping on your order (USA - lower 48) when you spend $75+

Orders that do not meet the threshold will be subject to shipping charges 

At checkout we have live shipping rates that showcase both USPS & UPS - you choose the service that works best for you 

Thanks for reading today

Thanks for reading today's post

Feel free to drop us a comment in the section below if you have any questions 

Ride safe! 


  • Classic British Spares

    @Paul – our website has live shipping rates, so its based off the weight of the item. You choose at checkout from USPS and UPS assuming you are in the USA

    @Randall – RAD

    @Jikusan – At this time we do not to be honest, I recommend DHL



  • Paul Bourke

    Well, what are your shipping rates below 75$? Any idea??


    The Japanese yen is cheap Shipping costs make me hesitate to place an order
    Do you have any good ideas for gathering Japanese customers and making joint purchases?
    I’m sorry, my English is not good

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