The Supply Of Vintage Triumph Parts

The Supply Of Vintage Triumph Parts

Most of us that own a vintage triumph motorcycle can probably remember the times when the supply of Triumph parts was scarce.

Although most remember those tough times there are also many folks and enthusiasts today that don't.

For those that are not aware, today I would like to take a step back in time to really see what has changed from the 1960's and why today's supply of vintage Triumph parts has never been so plentiful.


The good old days

I have had many detailed conversations with Mr Healy of Coventry Spares, ltd in regards to conditions a Triumph dealer would have endured in the 1970's.

For those who do not know of John Healey, John Healey is a business owner and a long time Triumph advocate, enthusiasts, machinist, and so on.. He also happened to own a Triumph dealership in the 1960's which would of been Triumphs "heyday".

Speaking with John he summarized to me that Triumph dealers experienced many issues such as Triumph not paying dealers back for warranty work and also a little supply of triumph parts.

Johns statements is nothing new, many Triumph dealers back in the day experienced issues like he did. I'm sure based off location and "how big" or popular a dealer was played a role on how Triumph would have treated you or took care of you.

All in all, Triumph was a business and in that respect they had to cover themselves especially when it came down to warranty work.

Many dealerships including Johns that put in extra time and money making Triumph's run often times didn't got paid back..


The lack of supply (then)

The lack of supply of Triumph parts then was a daily struggle according to John and even chatting with others that worked in dealerships during the golden years of the motorcycle industry.

Times where tough to where dealers didn't have parts to supply there customers and motorcycles in for repair. John also stated that there where times where dealers had to strip motorcycles for parts..

In reality if you purchased a motorcycle then, chances are parts would have been difficult to get. If most folks knew that perhaps they would have purchased a Honda?

This was one of the main reasons why company's like L.F. Harris, JRC and Coventry Spares, ltd where founded; to obtain, produce a supply of vintage Triumph parts consistently then and now.

The supply of parts (now)

Today I always tell my customers that owning a Triumph motorcycle during this day in age has never been better..

Not only is there a wealth of information or history but the supply of vintage Triumph parts today is far more reliable then it was when these old bikes where new.

For those who own a Triumph 650 or 750 unit construction I would say with confidence that it’s a buyers delight. In fact, you can replace (and find) most parts with new parts or used parts..


Where can  youfind quality parts?

Since the internet bust finding a supply of vintage Triumph parts is a little easier said then done, although there are more choices today for parts all are not the same.

Here are some great choices for new and used parts

  • eBay (used parts)
  • CBS (new parts and occasionally used and NOS)

Here at CBS parts we take pride in offering the best quality new parts available for your vintage Triumph motorcycle.

We fully understand the hardships and the prosperous times when owning a vintage Triumph motorcycle. That has allowed us to grow our supply of vintage Triumph parts into the large online source that we have to offer to your today.


We look forward to working with you

If you are ready to get your vintage Triumph motorcycle back on the road let CBS parts assist you in anyway that we can.

Click here so you can view our full online supply of vintage Triumph parts.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment in the section below.

Thanks for reading and ride safe!

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  • robert church

    would like to thank mr. healy for his amal carburetor information in don hutchinson’s collection of miscellaneous triumph information in no particular order. It has been a great help for myself and many of my friends in this area. all of us have either a rocket 3 or a trident or both. thank you

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