New Product: Fork Boots W/ 10-Year Warranty

New Product: Fork Boots W/ 10-Year Warranty

No longer do you have to suffer with cheap quality $20 fork boots that will crack and rot before the year ends 

We are proud to offer you new quality fork boots for your traditional Triumph & BSA single, twin and triple that are made right here in the USA... (California to be exact)

Currently we offer 3 types of fork boots that all come with a 10-year warranty

Keep reading if your tired of cheap fork boots 


What's currently on the market 

Lets face it, many fork boots supplied on the market today are not going to hold up very long on your British motorcycle 

There are a few different vendors offering $20 fork boots that are of Chinese & Indian origin, however the problem is not where the boots are manufactured, the problem is based strictly on the material chosen to manufacture the fork boot..

British bikes have there own "quarky" personality's that we learn to adapt to, however fork boot issues and lack of quality is artificial and can be solved  

Our stock  

With the above info in mind we set off to obtain fork boots that will not break, tear, crack or rot under normal circumstances and we are happy to present them to you today 

If for some reason your boots fail, you are have a 10-year warranty on each of the 3 sets of fork boots that we stock 

To view our current 10-year warranty fork boots please see the chart below and click on the "click here" text 

 Part # Application  Origin Link
97-1645 / H1645 350 / 500 / 650 Twins 1964-1967 USA Click Here
97-3635 / H3635 500 Twins 1968-74 / 650 Twins & 750 Triples 1968-70 USA Click Here
42-5320 A50 / A65 / B44 / A7 / A10 / Etc To Approx 1967 USA Click Here



Our fork boots are very simple to adapt, but just for reassurance we have compiled an easy-to-read fitting instructions that will aide you during the install 

Click on the link below to view & download our current fork boot fitting instructions...

 Triumph & BSA Fork Boots W/ 10-Year Warranty Instructions  Click Here

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  • Wayne Miller

    I just purchased a set of the 97-1645 boots and have a question about the installation of those since they are different from the originals. Which way is up?

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