Review: Triumph 650 Folding Footrest Set 1964-70

Review: Triumph 650 Folding Footrest Set 1964-70

Triumph 650 Folding Footrest Set 82-6653 82-6654
Are you restoring a Triumph TR6C Trophy or a Triumph T120TT? Or how about building a Triumph scrambler? Regardless of what you are building, modifying or restoring, you really need to check out these new Triumph 650 folding footrest sets for all 650 models from 1964-1970. We are very pleased with this new set - you will be too. 

What to expect?

Finding quality parts and rare original parts today is getting very difficult to find. This is exactly why one of our local distributors dedicated money, time, effort and tooling to reproduce the new Triumph folding footrest sets.

For a long time Triumph 650 folding footrests have been extremely difficult to find. Most where only fitted to a small amount of competition models from the Triumph TR6C and the Triumph T120TT.   

Whats great about the new Triumph 650 folding footrests is that everything you need to mount the footrests on your frame is already included. Bolts and lock washers make it very simple to install to your frame or switch out your current non-folding footrests.

Footrest 82-6653 82-6654


•Made In Taiwan

•Comes with everything you need to mount to your frame

•High gloss powdercoat paint to ensure a durable finish

•Made on new tooling and replicated off the original Triumph folding footrests


The new Triumph footrests are made in Taiwan believe it or not. If I told you they where made In England or perhaps NOS (new old stock) you would believe me. Don't let the country of origin fool you, Taiwan makes very high quality products and this is without a doubt very high quality.


The benefits

Most of you are probably thinking what are the actual benefits of installing folding footrests on my Triumph? There are actually a couple of key benefits that make the folding footrests a smart choice.

•Using a foldable footrest prevents damage to your primary cover if you where to fall

•Keeps your ankles safe and prevents them from getting jammed unlike the non-foldable footrests.

•No more bent footrests that cost time and money to fix


Our Take

Overall we are very impressed with the quality of the Triumph 650 folding footrests. I personally recommend this product to everyone that has a Triumph 650 from 1964-1970. Every set comes included with a nice durable box and packing - top notch. Purchase your set today by clicking on the link below.



  • Jamie

    Hi will these fit later 72 t120 frames?

  • mark

    Will these fit a ‘71 OIF A65 (Firebird part no’s 83-2856 & 83-2857)?
    Appreciate your advice please.

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