Amal Premier Carbs Back In-Stock (Finally)

Amal Premier Carbs Back In-Stock (Finally)

Just over a year ago we received some unfortunate news from our suppliers stating how Amal Premier carburetors would be unavailable for some time.

This included all Amal Premier 626, 928, 930 and 932 carburetors.

Some suggested a few weeks, many said months while others suggested up to a whole year!

Word had it that there was a hick-up during manufacturing which cause some delays. Inventively the “delay” turned out to be a full year...


So what caused the Amal Premier "delay"?

During this time I heard many theories of why the production was halted but I’m not in the business of speculating so I’ll leave that up to you..

As far as I’m concerned Amal has fixed the problem and I congratulate Amal for working diligently to give our community quality carbs we so desolately need.


Supply and demand


The demand for Amal premier carbs has never been stronger than it is today since Amal first introduced the Premier range a few years back.

Now granted during this delay time. We did receive some very, very small batches of a Amal Premier carburetors, but I personally believe that high demand - low supply fueled the demand even more.

For over a year just a handful of dealers had any type of Amal Premier carbs on there shelves. The demand was so great that folks where buying left hand carbs for there right hand applications...

Crazy, right?

At times my supplier would send me around four pairs of Amal 930 Premier carburetors and within the next few days they would already be gone. Our back-order list was pages long and we just finished fulfilling the wait list.


What’s "premier" about the Amal Premier carburetor?



For those late to the game Amal Premier carbs are literally the best stock carbs you can install on any vintage Triumph, BSA or Norton motorcycle.

By all means they are the same as the original Amal Concentric's with a modern and upgraded “twist”.

Amal Premier carbs come with everything like the original Amal Concentric carbs but with a removable pilot jet on the side of the body as well as a hard anodized slide preventing premature throttle slide / body wear. 

There a few more upgrades on the Amal Premier carbs that we actually went over in a blog post a few years back. (We highly recommend reading that blog post - see below)

Click here to read the full blog post on Amal Premier carburetors.


Amal Premier carb types



Here at Classic British Spares we have one of the largest Amal Premier carburetor inventory's here in the states. We stock all sizes to fit most British motorcycle applications.

Not only do all Amal Premier carburetors come back with a two year manufacturer warranty, you can also suggest to jet your Amal Premier carburetor to your specifications at no extra charge. (only includes removable pilot jets and main jets)

Whether you own a Triumph Bonneville, BSA Lightning or even a BSA b44 Victor you can find an Amal Premier carburetor to suit your year, model and application.

Here is a full chart of the current Amal Premier carburetors we currently stock - feel free to click on the links below to take you to there respective page for easier navigation


Click here to view our full range of Amall premier carburetors and genuine Amal replacement parts.


Amal Premier Carburetor Range
Amal Premier 930 Carbs (Left Hand / Right Hand)
Amal Premier 932 Carbs (Left Hand / Right Hand)
Amal Premier 750 Norton (Left Hand / Right Hand)
Amal Premier 850 Norton (Left Hand / Right Hand)
Amal Premier 626 Set (T100R / Daytona) (Left Hand / Right Hand)
Amal Premier 627 Set (T150 / A75)
Amal Premier R626
Amal Premier R928
Amal Premier R930


Get em' before they’re gone... AGAIN



From what I can see (May 2018) Amal Premier carburetors should be a lot more consistent now.

It’s hard to say if the previous delay or “hold-up” could happen again. If it does I would recommend preparing yourself by ordering an Amal Premier carburetor today.



Should you have any questions figuring out which Amal carb you need or you have a general question, feel free to comment in the section below.

Please keep in mind that all Amal Premier carburetors ship fast and free when you place an order here on our CBS parts website.

Thanks for reading today!


  • Ted Rivington

    Hi. Lolling for an Amal Premier carb for my 1968 TR6C. In stock? Price? Ship to Canada?

  • Ray Spengler

    Need an AMAL 930 for s single-carb 1968 TR6R. Do I choose RH or LH for a single-carb model?
    Do you have in stock and what is the price?
    Ray Spengler, Longview TX

  • Mark

    Hi there I need replacement AMAl 930 for a 83 triumph thunderbird 650 do you have. One and a price thanks Mark

  • gary nelson

    need carb for 1976 can am 175 tnt bombardier can u help me?

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