Tech Tip: Removing & Installing Handlebar P-Clamp Bushings (97-1527)

Tech Tip: Removing & Installing Handlebar P-Clamp Bushings (97-1527)

Classic British motorcycles have always been known to vibrate even when they where produced new over 40+ years ago

Of course you can balance your crank and perform all the tricks in the book to achieve a smoother running Triumph or BSA motorcycle

However at the end of the day your engine will still vibrate and it can be uncomfortable while riding..

To clear some of this vibration both Triumph and BSA rubber mounted there handlebars using a bonded bushing pressed in the top triple tree, but of course not all models came with these bushings as most where “rigid” mounted.

Let’s get right to it.. 

How does the bonded handlebar bushing cure vibration?


Triumph handlebar bushings are manufactured from two different types of materials:

  1. Rubber
  2. Steel

The outer casing and inner portion of the bushing is steel while the surrounding area is bonded rubber.

This design will allow the p-clamp to be completely isolated which in return will prevent vibration (for the most part).

Soft rubbers will absorb any vibration that is present. The harder the rubber material the easier it is for vibration to transfer.


Handlebar rubber bushings 

Owning a vintage Triumph or BSA motorcycle you will quickly find out that the pressed in rubber bushings do need to be replaced frequently.

If your handlebars are flopping back-and-forth, it may be time to replace the handle bar p-clamp bushings.

Handlebar rubber bushings have many different names but are all the same.

To make sure everyone understands what we are referring to here is a list of the different word terminology's used throughout the world:

  • P-clamp bushings
  • Bonded handlebar rubber bushings
  • Metalastik bushings 
  • etc


Below I will go over how to remove and install your handlebar bushings using the correct parts and tools which can be found here on the site


Tools & Parts Needed

Drift Tool & Bushings (97-1527)

To properly remove and install your p-clamp handlebar bushings you will first need the correct tools and the correct parts to do the job

Having the correct tools not only makes it cleaner and easier but it also makes the job faster and more convenient!

Below is a chart of the tools / parts that you will need..


Part Name Part Number Specifications Link
Drift Tool CBS-0305 Steel Drift Click Here
Bonded Bushing 97-1527 & H1527 (O.D .750" X .377" I.D.) Click Here
P-Clamp Eye Bolt Rubber Kit 97-1529A P-Clamp Rubber Washers & Grommets Click Here

Note: some folks may use alternative ways of removing the bushing such as a socket and an extension or a press, I highly recommend purchasing our tool as it has the correct outer diameter to remove the entire bushing.. not just the inner portion (more details on this below)


How to remove & install p-clamp bushings


First and foremost you can remove and install new handlebar bushings on your motorcycle without having to remove your top triple..

With the proper tools and parts in hand your looking at 20-30 (approx) minutes from start to finishing 

I will be using my 1968 Triumph TR6R for this brief tutorial


Removal Step #1

Remove P-Clamp Pinch Bolts


Loosen the the top p-clamp pinch bolts.

Loosening the pinch bolts will allow your handle bar to maneuver front to back.

I recommend doing this step with caution as you do not want your bars and controls to hit the petrol tank. Use a blanket or large soft towel over the tank and bring the bars down to a comfortable resting spot on or over the tank.


Removal Step #2

Remove Bottom P-clamp Bolts

Now that your top p-clamp pinch bolts are loose you will have to remove the bottom 3/8" (American or British) p-clamp nuts which are located under the top triple tree


Removal Step #3

Lift P-Clamps


Once the bottom two p-clamp nuts are loose and then removed, you are now able to remove your handlebar and controls off the top triple tree as an assembly using an upward "pull" or "tug"

Carefully lay the handlebar assembly onto the top of your gas tank on a nice and soft towel to prevent any damage

You may have to remove your speedo reset knob on Triumph twins to make way for the p-clamp ...

When removing the nuts make sure the nuts don't fall and hit your front fender!


Triumph P-Clamp Rubber Washer 97-1529A


If you find that your p-clamp top rubbers are cracked and dry rotted, now is the time to replace them all while your handlebar assembly  is off the machine

These worn rubber grommets can also contribute to "sloppy" handlebars and controls

Removal Step #4

Drift Tool Removing Bushing

Once your p-clamps are removed you will now be able to drive the old bushings out using the drift as shown

When removing and installing bushings you will be forcing the bushing out / in from the top and not from the bottom..

Driving the new bushings in is just as simple as diving the old bushings out

I like to apply grease on the inside of the tripe tree bore to help guide the bushing in place and preventing damage.

Once you are ready, use a hammer and a suitable drift to install the bushings

When installing new bushings make sure that the bushing is driven all the way down and flush with the top surface 

Installation Step #4

Bushing Change Complete

When the bushing have been properly installed you can reverse steps #1-2 to reassemble your p-clamps and handlebar assembly.

Check all adjustments and bar position back to your liking

All done! 

Alternative choice

If you are not a fan of the bonded handlebar bushings, you can always "rigid" mount your handlebars using a few of the parts below

We stock 2 choices that offer the same results but are sightly different from each other - click the link for more details

Part Name Part Number Specifications Link
Solid Mount CBS-0466 Use With 97-1527 Bushings Click Here
Solid Mount 97-1616 Use Without 97-1527 Bushings Click Here


If you follow the steps above you should be able to obtain good results 

You can also remove and install p-clamp rubber bushings if your top triple tree is off your motorcycle

Instead of using a drift you can use a press or an extractor to install and remove the bonded bushings, just ensure that the entire bushing is removed which includes the outer casing..


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  • Nick West

    Very good instructions but could I ask you by quoting you

    ‘You may have to remove your speedo reset knob on Triumph twins to make way for the p-clamp’

    How do you do this ? On my 69 triumph Trophy which I am changing the handlebars on I will have to do this but can’t find out how to remove the reset knob.

    Many thanks Nick West

  • Jeff Beard

    Hi Kyle,
    I’d like to purchase the bushings & the drift tool & take a shot at changing these old ones out.
    I also would like to ask a question about the tightening of the large chrome (sleeve nut) is there a torque spec? I’ve loosened the “pinch bolt” tightened the big nut, tightened the pinch bolt, hit a pot hole and it bangs. (Wordy huh?)
    Thanks Kyle

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