Our Future Way of International Shipping

Our Future Way of International Shipping

Since the sudden rush to close the economy due to COVID-19 almost all international shipping by USPS came to a screaming halt

That meant longer deleivery times, lost packages, no customer support and other problems that where created.. 

We recently had a customer that informed us that his order was delivered 3 months late to Australia.. ridiculous!  

For myself, that is a huge red flag...

Some of you a few months back might remember when we announced that we where going to stop offering USPS due to COVID, and we did 

With all the unfortunate events, today I would like to announce that DHL will be our permanent shipping partner for all international countries from this day forward..

More details below...

Why USPS international does not work..

Before we get into "why DHL", lets go over why USPS is a failure for international packages 
  • USPS is owned by the government  
  • USPS does not own any planes 
  • USPS is in the "red"
  • USPS lacks quality and logistics 
  • USPS is a dumping ground for other country's packages 
  • USPS is overloaded 
  • USPS does not offer tracking outside of the USA (First Class Mail)
With all the ingredients above, that will give you slow shipping times, lost orders, poor customer service and a bad experience 

Why DHL does work

DHL is a privately owned shipping company based and founded out of Germany...

For those that missed it, DHL is a "privatley" owned company (not government owned).. know the difference!
Although DHL is more expensive than USPS, DHL is faster, professional, and treats every pacakage with urgency

The switch 

The switch to DHL will go into effect immediately 

I do understand that on smaller orders or items that DHL is far to expensive, however I recommend placing an order that is "worthwhile" and to combine as much as you can 

Many folks might not agree with our switch (which is fine) however, I want everyone to get there parts that they paid for in a quick manner regardless of the order value 

I will be talking with my DHL account manage about any discounts that can be given to lower the cost to you

Any further changes regarding DHL and USPS international shipping, I will update this post accordingly 

Thanks for reading 

Thanks for reading today's post 

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Thanks and ride safe!


  • Classic British Spares

    When importing, it is the buyers responsibility – buyers must take any VAT or customs fee’s into prior to purchasing. Thanks Barry

  • Barry Fudge

    I do not like DHL, UPS or any other shipper of there like while they do a good job for you as the shipper that over charge the receiver in which ever country they live I will not buy from anyone who sues them.

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