Installing & Removing Lucas Headlight Wire Clips (504665)

Installing & Removing Lucas Headlight Wire Clips (504665)

Have you ever removed your headlight shell and wondered how the headlight unit attaches to the headlight rim?

Or how about when you need to replace your headlight and you cant figure out to remove or install the wire clips?

If the thought ever crossed your mind or you ran into this problem before then today's tech tip blog post is a must read.

I will show you how to install and remove the Lucas 504665 wire clips the correct way without damaging them (and your rim) or causing them to fly across your workshop.


Lets begin..


504665 Lucas Wiring Clip

Most vintage British motorcycles including Triumph, BSA, Norton and Matchless (just to name a few) from 1950s through the 1980s used wire clips to secure and attach the headlight lens to the headlight rim or bezel.

Wire clips are among the simplest design that works but often times gets confusing when removing and reinstalling.

Headlight wire clips are also refereed to as "fixing clips".

Part numbers

The headlight wire clips fitted on vintage British motorcycles where originally produced by Lucas, the same manufacture that produced the majority of electrical components on vintage British motorcycles.


504665 Wire Clips In Triumph Parts Book

Lucas listed the headlight wire clips under part number 504665. Triumph, BSA and Norton typically followed Lucas and listed them under a Lucas part number.

If you happen to find a different part number for these clips chances are the part number will supersede to 504665.

504665 Lucas Headlight Wire Part Number Make
99-0683 Triumph
504665 BSA
99-0683 Norton

Installation & Removal


I have composed a video clip showing Malcolm (co-owner of CBS) explaining how to install and remove the headlight wire clips.

Click on the video above to begin watching the tutorial.


Need wire clips?

If you are need of replacing your wire clips please take a look at our wire clips that we offer. Not all wire clips are produced the same.

Some clips on the market today are weak and "flimsey" to say the least.

Our clips are strong and durable which means that they can take more load and last longer...


 Type Part Number Link
Lucas Headlight Wire Clips 504665 Click Here

Thanks for reading and watching today

I hope our Tech Tip blog post and video served you well today!

If you have any questions please let us know.

Ride safe!


  • Joe polselli

    O had the clips reversed.

  • Rick

    Thank you soooo much ,for the life of me i couldnt work it out appreciate your video cheers rick

  • Morgan Griffiths

    I suppose that growing up with the Lucas headlights/ technology it always seemed so simple to separate the headlight from the rim. First time after an sliding on black ice accident and damaged rim in 1966?.

    Great video for people new to old style fittings and simple technology though. Short and to the point.

  • Classic British Spares

    @Greg – Thanks for watching and commenting today!

  • Greg pynn

    Excellent short, concise video. Those clips can be pesky!

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