Classic Motorcycle Diagrams & Exploded View Posters

Classic Motorcycle Diagrams & Exploded View Posters

If your a true Triumph, BSA or Norton motorcycle owner and enthusiast then today’s blog post will be right up your alley.

We weren't kidding when we told you that during 2019 CBS would be offering new products, parts and services that has not been offered before.

Today I would like to share with you our new range of “exploded view posters”, "diagram posters" and "cutaway posters" that feature Triumph, BSA and Norton motorcycles.

Let’s dig in!

Why posters?

OK so you might not expect a parts supplier to offer posters along side parts as it may seem out of place.

In reality, those who are purchasing parts are not only building or restoring a motorcycle but have a deep passion and love for a specific brand and model of motorcycle.

With that in mind, Classic British Spares went on a quest to find and showcase posters that would be appealing to British motorcycle enthusiasts just like you.

Posters are not only nice for viewing but they also make fabulous and affordable gift ideas for that special someone that can’t get enough of there classic British motorcycle.

What is an "exploded view" or "cutaway poster"?

Triumph Gear Box 4-Speed Exploded View Poster Diagram

Our exploded view posters that CBS Parts has sourced / produced are all from original art work that Triumph, BSA and Norton use to offer to all there dealers and to those in the “inner circle”.

Exploded view posters (also known as cutaway and diagram posters) where originally hand drawn to depict the inside of an engine, gear box, fork or a frame in great detail to give the viewer a sense of all the parts in one single diagram.

Exploded view posters could usually be found in a dealership (back then) hanging above the triumph Bonneville that was seeking a new owner.

Our selection

Posters Listings

 Using the drop down menu within the listing will give you all of our current poster variations

Currently we have many sizes and types of posters that we are offering.

All posters are printed in very limited numbers and have been made and sourced by us right here in the USA.

We stock popular diagrams and cutaway posters from:

  • Triumph engine cutaways (singles / twins / triples)
  • BSA engine parts diagrams
  • Norton engine cutaway posters
  • Fork and frame diagram posters
  • Gearbox exploded view & cutaway diagrams
  • etc

Most posters measure 24" x 18" & 11" x 17" which are standard / common sizes with a price ranging from $19.95 - $29.95 to suit each pocketbook and wall size.

Our new exploded view posters all come printed on a very high quality poster paper that is then rolled up in a poster tube that is shipped right to your door step.

Click here to view our full range of posters and find your copy today.

You can also click here for other vintage British motorcycle memorabilia

Not included...

Triumph Exploded View Poster Hanging On Wall

We supply you the posters and you supply the wall!

Seriously, our exploded view posters and diagram posters can be hung on a wall in or out of a frame whether it’s in your garage, workshop, house, room, work, etc

Posters come conveniently sized so finding a frame at your local Micheal's or Hobby Lobby won’t be a problem..

Thanks for reading

If you have any questions please feel free to drop us a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading today

Ride safe! - CBS

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    Have you got any BSA Rocket 3 engine or exploded view posters?

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