Things To Consider When Purchasing An Electrex World Ignition

Things To Consider When Purchasing An Electrex World Ignition

Choosing an electronic ignition appears to get difficult every year

As of now, there are approximately 6 popular brands on the market today that all do the same task

Although each brand can offer you years and years (and many miles) of usage and reliability, there is one particular kit that stands out from the pack

If you like the idea of a CDI ignition then we have something in store for you...

Electrex World electronic ignitions are more than just your standard electronic ignition; an ignition that comes with everything you need - accurate timing included

Should you be interested in our Electrex World units, below are some things to consider prior to purchasing

Things to consider


  • What type of "riding" do you plan on doing?
  • What is your price point?
  • What is your skill level with electronics?
  • What are you trying to achieve?


These are all important questions to ask yourself prior to making a decision on an EW ignition

Luckily Electrex World ignitions are not hard to install or time

Whether you plan on racing, trails, scrambles or standard street riding, EW makes a kit just for you

Should you make the leap and upgrade your ignition, keep in mind that all your original Lucas electrical goes out while new modern parts go in

Say goodbye to your rotor, stator, points, advance-unit, coils, rectifier and zenor diode - all replaced with "compact" units included with all EW kits

What makes EW different from the rest?

Electrex World Ignition Kit - Triumph / BSA

As stated earlier above, there is about 6 popular brands of ignitions on the market today - so what makes EW different?

  • Only ignition to offer a "complete" kit - includes coils, stator, rotor, CDI box, etc
  • Replaces original Lucas rotor, stator, advance-unit and points plate
  • Easiest ignition to time
  • Flywheel magneto offering an extremely accurate ignition


Interested in what EW can do for your motorcycle?

We currently have a few kits to fit most Triumph, BSA and Norton applications.. that includes singles and twins

Our EW kits come with a stator and rotor flywheel to allow you to run lights... can be used with or without a battery (your choice)

For more info or to make a purchase click on the links in the chart below

 Kit Type Link
STK-100D (CDI / Stator) Triumph - BSA Unit Singles Click Here
STK-100D-DC (CDI / Stator) Triumph - BSA Unit Twins Click Here
STK-200 (CDI / No Stator) Triumph Cub Click Here


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  • John Nixon

    Can you get the Electrex Ignition only Stator Kit – STK-010?
    I have a BSA B50mx and I’m interested in this kit because it’s streamline – no charging components, just ignition

  • Dan

    Does E.W. list the secondary voltage output?

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