New Product: (Aluminum) Amal Premier Concentric Carburetors

New Product: (Aluminum) Amal Premier Concentric Carburetors

When Burlen Fuel (Amal) officially released the new Amal Premier Concentric carburetor in 2012, it changed how we viewed the Amal Concentric carburetor 

No more did we have to struggle working with a worn out carburetor that required sleeving or couldn't produce any reliable or consistent results  

For 2021, Amal has changed the game again by offering there "new" lightweight version of the Amal Premier carburetor 

The only difference from the 2012 Premier version is that the new 600 & 900 series range are now manufactured from aluminum as opposed to zinc alloy  

Yes, the new aluminum "Premier" Concentric carburetor range still offers the same parts internally; hard anodized slide, stay-up float & removable pilot jet

The new aluminum Premier also offers a 3/4 weight saving as compared to the "traditional" Premier and has better wear properties to prevent premature slide wear 

Our stock 

We are proud to offer the new Amal "aluminum" Premier Concentric carb range to our complete Amal inventory 

Due to high demand, we are currently offering the "aluminum" 900 series carbs only...

Carb Type Material  Application Link
Amal 930 Premier (Right Hand) Aluminum  TR6 / TR7 Click Here
Amal 930 Premier Set (Right & Left Hand) Aluminum  A65 / T120 / T140 Click Here

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  • Peter Charlton

    Hi, I just bought one of these carbs here in the UK and noticed that the anodised slide and its bore in the carb body is 2 thou bigger than any existing anodised slides I already had and my other non-Premier Concentrics. Can I ask if you guys have noticed this or is it that Amal made a duff batch?

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