New To The Market: Hepolite Oil Pumps

New To The Market: Hepolite Oil Pumps

Finding a "usable" oil pump for your BSA twin is getting harder and harder to find these days

Almost all "NOS" (new old stock) or original pumps are long gone only to leave us with used pumps that often bind, don't spin or in dire need of additional machine work

Not only is trying to salvage an old oil pump time consuming and costly, there is also a level of risk involved..

The importance of oil flow and delivery 

All BSA pre-unit and unit twins from 1947-1972 came with a timing side crankshaft bushing..

It is extremely critical that you have the proper oil flow and delivery going in (and out) of your bushing 

As they say, the heart of your engine is the oil pump..

Lets face it, BSA models have it much harder than a Triumph or Norton because of this tricky bushing 

If you find an old pump, think twice about it...

Hepolite oil pumps

Hepolite oil pumps are the newest pumps on the market for BSA motorcycles 

Manufactured and designed in England making them OEM for your vintage BSA

All Hepolite oil pumps are manufactured from solid billet cast-iron

In the late 1970's BSA started to manufacture there oil pumps using a cast-iron material replacing the old "pot metal" pumps

Hepolite understands the importance of oil flow and delivery without prematurely wearing the pump


Here are some facts that you should know 


 As they say, "the devil is in details" which serves true for Hepolite oil pumps

Hepolite oil pumps require no modifications or changes to the pump or your crankcase 

It's as simple as "bolt on and go"


Here is just a little "FYI" for you..


  • All Hepolite oil pumps are made in England 
  • All Heploite oil pumps are manufactured from cast-iron
  • All internal gears are hardened and ground 
  • All oil pumps are ready to install 
  • All oil pumps come with simple and easy to read instructions 


The range


A50 & A65 oil pumps

 A65 Oil Pump by Hepolite

The most popular pump by Hepolite today is the 1962-1972 A50 & A65 cast iron oil pumps

Comes as shown above with the tachometer drive spade-end installed for those running a tachometer 

Replaces all original oil pumps from the "DD", cast-iron and "D" oil pumps as used from 1962-1972

Click here for more general information regarding BSA A50 & A65 oil pumps 

Easy to read instructions are included 

Replaces BSA part numbers..
68-0941 / 68-941
71-1135 / E11135
71-2413 / E12413
71-2449 / E12449

A7 & A10 oil pumps

A10 Oil Pump by Hepolite

The 2nd oil pump offered by Hepolite is the A7 & A10 types as fitted to 1950-1962

This particular pump will fit both plunger and swing-arm models until the end of production..

Also comes as shown above with the tachometer drive spade-end installed for those running a tachometer

Replaces all original oil pumps...

Easy to read instructions are included 

 Replaces BSA part numbers..
42-0115 / 42-115

B, C & M group oil pumps

 B, C & M Group Oil Pump by Hepolite

The newest oil pump on the market today offered by Hepolite is the B,C & M group version

This oil pump fits most early BSA pre-unit singles including the B31, B32, B34, M20, M31, and the C12 just to name a few

Also made from cast iron..

 Replaces BSA part numbers..

Get your oil flowing today..

Hepolite oil pumps are not only easy to obtain but they are affordable for any budget

Pumps range from $199.95 up to $399.95

Just remember the next time you have an old oil pump in your hand, just think that an engine rebuild could cost you upwards of $3-4K should that old pump fail..

Let that sink in..

Click here for the BSA A50 & A65 Hepolite oil pumps 

Click here for the BSA A7, A10, B, C & M group pumps


 Thanks for reading

Thanks for reading for today's blog post

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Ride safe!


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