New Product: BSA A50 / A65 High Gear Bushings by CBS

New Product: BSA A50 / A65 High Gear Bushings by CBS

Attention all BSA unit twin (A50 & A65) owners!

Did you know that one of the leading causes of oil leaks coming from your transmission & clutch is due to a worn high gear bushing?

Of course oil seals, and oil levels do play an important role as well, however a worn high gear bushing usually is the culprit that is often times overlooked..

Not only does a high gear bushing act as a shaft for the trap door seal it also keeps oil in the gearbox and out of the primary

High gear bushings (within 4th gear) ride on the mainshaft and any “internal” wear inside the bushing could cause premature gearbox wear

Should you be facing a problem where your high gear bushing is worn, damaged or grooved I recommend replacing it

Our new high gear bushings

Now that we have covered a brief lesson on high gear bushings, allow us to introduce to you our new replacement 2-piece high gear bushings for all BSA A50 and A65 twins

Our bushings were designed here in our workshop and then put into production to offer you a quality replacement bushing set made right here in the USA

What separates our bushings from most of the others on the market is the fact that our bushings come supplied undersized out of the box

This means you can now hone (size) the high gear bushings to fit any mainshaft regardless of condition and wear characteristics to achieve a precision fit..

Bushings are manufactured from “bearing bronze” and are sold in a pair to replace all original 1-piece style and 2-piece “split” bushings

Bushing specifications 

  • Made in the USA
  • Sold in pairs
  • Manufactured from bronze
  • Hone to size
  • Lead-in for easy installation
  • Instructions available
  • Replaces BSA part numbers 68-3178 & 68-3026


*We have found that using the 2-piece bushing set-up to be easier to install over the 1-piece style bushings - the gap between the 2 bushings once installed offer a “gap” for oil to lubricant both the bushing sleeve and mainshaft

How to order

Should you be interested in a new pair of our 2-piece high gear bushing set I recommend seeing the chart below..

Click on the “click here” button below to place an order

 Part Type Part number Application Year Link
High bushing set (1 Pair) 68-3178 / 68-3026 BSA A50 / A65 1962-1972 Click Here


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