New Product: Oil Pressure Gauge Kits

New Product: Oil Pressure Gauge Kits

There's nothing more frustrating when you spend all your time, money, energy, and effort into a motor that doesn't necessarily perform the way you wanted to.

We understand that sometimes engines can fail whether it be a mechanical error, faulty parts, or builder error.

Regardless of all the problems that could happen when you build an engine we have a very special tool that would at least give you a heads up BEFORE there is an issue and before it's "too late".


Allow us to introduce this new 2018 part called an oil pressure gauge kit


Oil Pressure Gauge Kit For Triumph, BSA and Norton Motorcycles


Out of all the tools that a mechanic can have their toolbox, or all the aftermarket parts that could be fitted to your motorcycle this is by far is one of the best parts that you could ever install on your motorcycle.


3 reasons why you should install an oil pressure gauge


  • Cheap insurance

If you paid a builder to rebuild your motor chances are you spent arm and leg so why chance the build?

With an oil pressure gauge you can at least get a "heads up" before there is a problem and cause expensive damage.


  • Peace of mind

There's nothing more calming then riding down the road and taking a peak at your oil pressure gauge and see your oil pressure a comfortable range.


  • Easy to install

Installing this oil pressure gauge kit on my 1968 Triumph TR6R took less than 15 minuets. It was fast and easy. Everything I needed was in the kit.

Whether your a seasoned mechanic or new to the hobby installing this oil pressure kit is made easy.


What's included?


  • Threaded adapters (3/8" X 26) & (3/8" X 24)
  • 7/8" stainless steel handlebar clamp (Triumph / BSA)
  • Stainless steel center mount (Norton Commando)
  • Oil pressure gauge with a 1 3/4" liquid encapsulated face (0-100)
  • Oil line included (50" long - cut to size)
  • 3 various style fittings and elbows for oil pressure gauge


Oil pressure gauge in action!

See this new oil pressure gauge in action on my 1968 Triumph TR6R by watching the YouTube video below...



Ready to monitor your oil pressure?


We stock 2 types of oil pressure gauge kits on our site suited for most late model Triumph, BSA and Norton models.

As long as your vintage motorcycle can accept an oil pressure sending or gauge unit then this kit will work.


  • Type 1

The first variation that we offer is for both Triumph and BSA models dating from approx 1969 and on.

Triumph twins dating from approx 1967-1968 might be able to accept our new oil pressure gauge ONLY if your timing cover or case has the provision to accept a sending unit. We are also aware that many Triumph pre-unit twins will be able to accept this gauge as well.

Click here to purchase to your Triumph / BSA gauge


  • Type 2

The second variation we offer is for Norton 750 and 850 twins that also can accept an oil pressure sending unit.

Click here to purchase to your Norton gauge



If you have any questions regarding this product on how you install it, how it works, or general questions please feel free to drop us a comment in the section below or give us a call today (661) 951-2120.

Thanks for reading today and ride safe!


  • Henry

    How do you prime the oil line to the gauge please?

  • Terje Torkelsen

    Hi , do uoi have Oil pressure Gauge kits to 1971 BSA A65, and 1959 BSA A10?
    Best Regards
    Terje Torkelsen
    Jerevegen 16
    4274 Stol

  • Gary

    1. Will this product work on a 1962 TRIUMPH T100SS?

    2. How do you purge the air out of the oil tube after installation?

    3. Is the oil tube reinforced to prevent swelling from oil pressure?

    4. What is the life expectancy of the oil tube?

  • Danny

    Will this fit onto a 1974 triumph t140 Bonnievill cheers

  • Gene Schreiber

    I see on your video the gauge is was mounted on the handlebars near the R/H grip. The gauge dial itself mounted in this location does not sit vertical but sits at a angle as one is sitting on the bike. Does the gauge,s face swivel in its frame at all to make it sit straight as your looking at it ? Thx Gene

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