Pricing: July 2021 Update

Pricing: July 2021 Update

Some of you might have read our blog post that was published in December, 2020 (last year) in regards to a few "pricing predictions" of what we would expect to happen during 2021

If you haven't read last years blog post, please click here to read it 

To sum up the previous post, our major prediction was "rising prices" during the fiscal year of 2021 

Today I wanted to tell you folks that price increases are happening right now and I will explain why and how this happening

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On the rise 

With all the sales, hype and demand for parts during the 2020 year, we could only see the bubble in the horizon that was going to burst 

The question was, "when will the bubble burst"?

I honestly feel that this "artificial bubble" that the lockdown has created (and government) would only last no more than year...

We saw all kinds of problems late last year due to the demand earlier in the year which in turn will lead to price increases during 2021

Here are some the issues we ran into and discovered 


  • Lack of inventory 
  • Long shipping times 
  • Lockdowns
  • Price increases 
  • Currency
  • Inflation 
  • Elections
  • Etc

Although I was expecting these issues to hit early 2021, it does appear that the effect from 2020 is starting to catch up more rapidly as we enter August (2021)


Word on the street 

This week I received an email from my vendor describing that they will be raising there product pricing on some items due to the manufacture raising there prices 

Some of the vendors that have informed dealers of the new "pricing hike" are Amal, EMGO, CWC (Central Wheel Company) and a few others..

Here is a small snippet of what my vendors email contained that was sent to me


  • Due to ever-increasing cost for raw materials and inbound freight, we have been forced to increase prices on the following product lines"


  • "Emgo 10% and Amal 30% (These are averages, some Amal spares have not changed at all. While others and carburetors have increased considerably.)"


  • "The cost of moving a 40 foot shipping container is up 300%. In August of 2020 the cost to import a 40 foot container was $4415.00. Today the cost is $17,500.00. After July 31st the cost is set to increase to $19,000.00"


In short, things are increasing at a quick rate which is very unfortunate for everyone

Both suppliers, retailers and customers take a big hit during these times 


Part pricing adjustments 

Here is a short list of some the parts that have already had pricing adjustments on the site in which we saw an increase worth talking about 


  • All CWC (chrome) rims
  • All Buchanan's spoke & nipple set 
  • Amal Premier carburetors (standard premier & alloy)
  • EMGO (throttle assembly's, locks, mufflers, pipes, etc)


Our plan for the 3rd & 4th quarter 2021


Our plan for the rest of 2021 is very simple; inform our customers and make changes as we are informed 

These days it seems like we are always making price adjustments on the site, however, we are looking for ways to pass on savings to you 

Luckily, shipping is still affordable (for now) which does help the bottom line 

We will keep everyone up-to-date as the year continues on



For those seeking to place larger orders from the CBS site, there is relief! 

I recommend using our current discount codes on your next order to offset the price increases as it may help

Use the following codes in the box at checkout to save money on your next order 

Discount Minimum Value Code
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Click here for more info on how our discount codes work 


Thanks for reading 

Thanks for reading todays post 

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Should you have any questions, please drop us a comment using the comment section below 

 Ride safe! 

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