New Product: Triumph 350 / 500 Swingarm Bushing Reamer Kits

New Product: Triumph 350 / 500 Swingarm Bushing Reamer Kits

Did you happen to install a new set of swingarm bushings only to find that your swingarm spindle won’t fit inside each bushing?

That my friends is exactly why we designed and produced a new complete kit that will allow you to easily size your swingarm bushings in your shop in a quick and easy manner

Today I will briefly cover our new swingarm bushing kit and also answer some basic questions that you may have

Let’s roll..


Why do swingarm bushings have to be reamed?


A very valid question you might ask yourself..

Swingarm bushings are usually supplied undersized, which means the inner diameter of the bushing bore is smaller than the outer diameter of the swingarm spindle

Not only do swingarm bushings have a small inner diameter, but once the bushing is installed into the swingarm, the ID will shrink even more

Line reaming (also known as “sizing”) will ream each bushing to the proper clearance size while producing a true and inline set-up

When each swingarm was made new, some can be slightly “off”, to correct this, line reaming undersized bushings is absousktu nesscary..


What’s included in our kits?


Our new swingarm bushing line reamer kit is supplied with 2 basic components:

  • 7/8” chucking reamer
  • Pilot

The 7/8” chucking reamer is used to cut each of the swingarm bushings to the proper 7/8” size (.875")

The supplied pilot (or guide) will persuade the reamer to stay inline and true when reaming and sizing both swingarm bushings

Each pilot is sized here using a Sunnen MBB-1600 honing machine to allow no more than .001" working clearance on the reamer shaft 

This allows a rigid set-up which will provide professional results 


Ready to line ream your swingarm bushings?


If you have purchased new swingarm bushings or purchased a complete swingarm rebuild kit from us, please understand that reaming your bushings is mandatory..

Considering that most machine shops charge anywhere form $60-$100 per hour for labor, it is still more affordable to purchase a swingarm reaming kit that we offer whether you use the kit once or twice 

The more independent you are as a builder and restorer, the better..

To order your own swingarm line reaming kit today, please click on the below within the chart

 Application  Parts Included In Kit Link To Purchase
Triumph 350 / 500 Unit (1957-1974) 7/8” Reamer & Pilot Click Here


Click here to download the detailed instructions that can be used in conjunction with this kit 


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