New Page: Blog Submissions

New Page: Blog Submissions

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Hey CBS readers and fellow enthusiasts today I want to share with you a new addition to our website. For those who enjoy reading articles and blogs keep reading this post for more details.
Starting last month we have added a new section and page to our site which allows customers and readers alike to submit their blog post to us for a chance to have it featured on our website.
This new addition is called "blog submissions". Blog submissions is basically for those who have a compelling story and would like to share it and possibly have it featured on our blog section page.
We understand that there are many career bloggers online that have well-known sites. If you want your story or build to be featured on their page it is nearly impossible - trust me, I know and I have tried.
I personally want to change that and allow others to conveniently share their story with us and to also have their story shown to hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts all around the world.

What type of content do I need?

We are looking for content that is relevant to classic British motorcycles. For example if you have a story on how you acquired your first vintage British bike, a restoration or build, or a story about a motorcycle that you once owned then these would be great stories that you could compile and send to us.

How do I have my story posted?

Once you have a completed your story you can send it via email to to have it posted or you can fill out our blog submissions form. We do not edit any content without notifying the author first. Keep the story consistent and on topic.

How many photos do I need?

Photos are a motivating factory in story's or any written article. The more photos the better. We will also make a title banner for your blog submission using your photos.


Here is a checklist in which you can use before you submit your post to make sure you have covered the basics. 

•Story (detailed - keep it brief)
•Photos (high resolution)
•Title (relevant to story)
•Grammar (check punctuation)

Ready to get started?

So are you ready to share your story here on the Classic British Spares website? Is this something that you might be interested in? If so feel free to click here to submit your story today. Keep in mind that not all submissions will be posted and we will monitor and review each post submitted. Remember content is king and folks love a great story. Goodluck!

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  • Hervé Caboche

    Hello, I would like to post some pictures of my vintage Triumph motorcycle with the content of its purchase and restoration performed in Mauritius island.

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