Cam Follower Re-Grinding Service (Triumph & BSA + Norton)

Cam Follower Re-Grinding Service (Triumph & BSA + Norton)

Cam followers play a pivotal role in how your valve train operates and functions

Over the years as you "rack up" mileage on your vintage British motorcycle, cam followers will begin to wear 

During this time your followers will begin to loose the proper radius..

Oil type (and viscosity) as well cam profile and seat pressure will dictate just how long your lifters will last

When you install a new cam, your lifters must be reground prior to achieve the best contact relationship with your cam lobes 

Below we would quickly like to go over our new service that we offering here at CBS that will bring new life to your old & worn out lifters.. 

Re-grinding services 

For 2024, we are now offering cam follower re-grinding services for Norton Commando models! 

Our in house re-grinding services caters to most Triumph & BSA motorcycles including singles, twins & triples 

What makes our grinding very accurate is that we have spent countless hours testing our work jigs as well as inspecting each lifter to ensure a flat and mirror-like finish 

Our lifter re-grinding is precision. period 

Currently we can re-grind the following lifters..

Lifter Type Radius Price
5/16 stem (Triumph / BSA) 3/4", 1 1/8" & 3" See form below
3/8" stem (BSA) 3/4" & 1 1/8" See form below
Norton Commando No Radius  See form below


How to get started 

Should you have the need to get your lifters precision ground, please click on the following link to download our work order form and view our current pricing.

Click here for our work order form


Grinding in action 

We have a new video posted on our YouTube channel which will showcase and explain the processes of cam follower re-grinding 

Feel free to watch it below..

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 Ride safe! 

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