Wassell Evolution Carburetors Now In-Stock

Wassell Evolution Carburetors Now In-Stock

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There's nothing worse than working on a vintage British motorcycle that is giving you a hard time tuning the carburetors. Original Amal carburetors have always had the reputation of wearing out causing tuning issues, air leakages, and other unwanted problems. If you are currently experiencing those symptoms with your classic British motorcycle I would suggest that you take a look at our new stock of Evolution carburetors produced by Wassell, in England.


First off, the Wassell Evolution carburetor is identical to the more recent "Amal Premier" carburetor that was produced by Amal a couple years back. When I use the term identical I mean it. I like to categorize the Wassell carbs as the Amal Premier alternative. If you are not familiar with Amal Premier carbs you can read more about them here.


What is the Wassell Evolution carburetor?

The Evolution carburetor is based off of the original Amal Concentric design - that includes the MKl 600 and MKl 900 series carbs. The Evo carb is a direct replacement part for most Triumph, BSA, and Norton models that where fitted with original Amal Concentrics typically from 1968 and on.

Wassell uses the term Evolution on there new carburetor range to describe that this new carb is original but has much evolved from the late 1960's Amal carbs. Externally this carburetor looks just like the original Amal Concentric carbs but internally its a different type of animal.

As stated above, the Evo carb is designed off of the Amal Premier carb but Wassell has put there own "twist" on there new line-up making there Evolution carb one-of-a-kind.


What's included with the Evolution carb?

 All Wassell Evolution carbs comes included with there own box, fitting instructions and a brief tuning guide. Everything is included to make this new carburetor a bolt on fit. 


The internal working parts in the Evo carb are 100% interchangeable with new and original Amal parts. For example, the slide, main jet, pilot, float and needle can all be interchanged using Amal parts or Wassell parts. This makes tuning so much more convenient because you can use parts out of your old Amal carb without spending additional money and resources obtaining new parts.


Evolution features

Inside Wassell Evolution Carburetor


 Below are some features that make the new Wassell Evolution carb possible and superior over any original Amal Concentric carburetor.



Brand  Features Model (all Evolution)

CNC billet alloy slide

Removable pilot jet (pilot circuit)
Fuel resistant adjustable float
Viton tipped float needle
Passivated corrosion and fuel stain resistant finish
Float bowl w/ bottom drain plug


My personal favorite feature is the removable pilot jet circuit. I'm sure many of you might remember when you had to drop the float bowl just to remove the pilot jet on early Concentric carbs.

Amal carbs that where produced from 1969 and on featured the "pressed in" pilot jet which was a real pain! Now you can over come that obstacle with the Evo carb by simply unscrewing the pilot jet.



Pricing should be a feature, right? The Wassell Evolution carbs are priced very competitively and are surprisingly affordable for all the features they are equipped with. When it comes down to rebuilding your old worn out Amal carb always keep in mind that purchasing a new Evo carb may be more affordable and the smartest thing to do.


 Brand Model Bore Size Price
Wassell Evolution 9 series 30MM $299.95 (pair)
Wassell Evolution 9 series 30MM $149.95 (single)


 Click here to see our current stock of Wassell Evolution 9 series carbs.


"Install and get back to riding..."

 So there you have it - my personal 2cents on the new Wassell carbs that we are now proud to offer. All Wassell carbs will ship for free if the orders shipping address is located in the United States (including Hawaii, Guam, Alaska, and Puerto Rico).


If you have any questions please feel free to ask using the leave a comment section below - you can always give us a call at (661) 951-2120 or shoot us an email Sales@classicbritishspares.com Thanks for reading!


  • Gordon

    What are the bars on that lovely Triumph? Look like 1" bars of the pre-unit.

  • David poynter

    I have bought a pair of 30 mill
    Carbs for my norton atlas but they don’t fit the body’s touch is there a manifold I can get
    Thanks david

  • David poynter

    I have bought a pair of 30 mill
    Carbs for my norton atlas but they don’t fit the body’s touch is there a manifold I can get
    Thanks david

  • tony maniscalco

    bike has great midrange and high end performance but a flat spot wen you crack throttle from idle,do I need a larger idle jet?

  • Seppo

    My bike is Matchless g12 csr 1961. Wahts is best garbureitor?

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