Triumph Trident & BSA Rocket III Parts

Triumph Trident & BSA Rocket III Parts

I like to think that Triumph and BSA triples are the “forgotten ones” due to the fact that everyone is focused on owning and restoring the popular Triumph and BSA 650 twins these days

Both Triumph and BSA three-cylinder machines broke the news when they first arrived here in the states back in 1968, not to mention the magazine headlines and records archived both on and off the race track

With the Triumph and BSA three-cylinder models gaining traction and popularity here in the states Honda then came out with the “CB750” or known as the “Honda Four” which was a game changer towards the three-cylinder powered motorcycle and to all British motorcycle industries


New offerings

Although the battle between Triumph, BSA and Honda is over, owning a Triumph Trident or BSA Rocket 3 is really a special feeling

I am aware that the three-cylinder machine sports more overall parts and a complicated engine design to what is seen as "normal"

Those that are courageous enough and mechanically inclined will be able to reap the benefits and enjoyment of a three-cylinder machine that a twin-cylinder simply can't produce

Owners and riders alike of a three-cylinder machine will understand that parts will wear and will eventually need to be replaced

Here at Classic British Spares we understand that there are not many parts options or availability for three-cylinder machines and today we wanted to share with you news that could you benefit from

Parts For Triples

Starting this month (June 2019) and moving forward, Classic British Spares will be stocking more quality spares including new and NOS parts for Triumph and BSA three-cylinder models that where made from 1968-1976

We plan on stocking hard to find parts and parts that require replacing over time which include some if the following


  • Complete gasket sets
  • Seal kits
  • Bearings
  • Piston & rings
  • Shells / Inserts
  • Seats
  • Misc hardware


Here is a short list of the models that we will be stocking parts for

Make  Year Model
Triumph 1968-1972 T150
Triumph 1973-1974 T150V
Triumph 1975-1976 T160
BSA 1969-1970 Rocket III (A75)
BSA 1971-1972 Rocket III (A75)

Finding Triumph Trident and BSA Rocket III parts on the website will be quick and easy 

To find parts on the site you can do so in a few different ways 


  • Search by factory part numbers
  • Search by "keyword" terms
  • Search by categories 


Click here if you do not have a parts book to obtain a factory part number - we have them on the site for free


Have a parts request?

Often times here at Classic British Spares we might not have everything that you searching for, however we encourage you to send us an email with a parts list for the parts that you do not see on the site

If done, we will see if we can find a source and price and will get back to you within the same business day

Click here to reach out to us using our contact us form 


Thanks for reading

Thanks for reading today's post

If you have any questions please feel free to comment in the section below 

Ride safe! - CBS


  • Raleigh Elroy Worsham

    You should make the parts necessary to convert the kickstart triples to electric start. The T160 parts book shows the parts needed to make this conversation. Really there is only one housing part that is hard to find that needs to be made.

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