The Future Of Electronic Ignitions

The Future Of Electronic Ignitions

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It's 2017 and there are currently four major companies on the market today that are all producing electronic ignition's for most traditional vintage British motorcycles.

The days of timing and adjusting points has since past us and a new dawn has since risen over the horizon.

Today's blog post I would like to share with you my point of view of what I predict the future holds for electronic ignitions.


What is an electronic ignition?

An electronic ignition in my own words is: A computer operated device that controls the ignition system.

Electronic ignition's can control whether the ignition will run retarded or advance automatically based off of pulses. 

An electronic ignition will only run on a certain voltage. If the voltage drops below the programed threshold the electronic ignition will no longer function properly.

For a more detailed definition let's see what Wikipedia has to say...

"An ignition in which electrical pulses are generated electronically, usually by transistors controlled by sensing devices, without the use of mechanically actuated breaker points - also called breakerless ignition."


"What is the future of electronic ignition?"

I remember back in the early '90s when I was looking to replace my stock Lucas points ignition on my BSA Lightning.

There was only one major company that was manufacturing electronic ignitions - that happened to be Boyer Bransden.

Boyer Bransden is the leading manufacturer producing electronic ignition's.

Today, there are many new companies that are quickly trailing Boyer and perhaps proceeding them.

With all the companies that are producing electronic ignition's from Vape, Boyer Bransden, Tri-Spark and Pazon, I have to ask myself this question: "What is the future of electronic ignitions?"

My view

Hands down I think the future for electronic ignitions is looking very promising but needs a rejuvenation - here is what I think we need to see in the near future:


    • Variety
    • More features
    • Accessibility
    • Reliability


     Now some of you might be already thinking what more features do we possibly need for an electronic ignition?

     More features can be a double edge sword. I am not asking the electronic ignition manufactures to reinvent the wheel but simply make tuning easier, installation easier, and adjustment easier. 

    Those features I believe will be a great addition to all electronic ignitions. 

    As new vintage British motorcycle enthusiasts start to get into the hobby we will always have to keep in mind that not everyone is mechanically inclined compared to some of the others.

    More features that are targeted to this type of industry and clientele will make life a lot easier.

    With all the current manufacturers producing electronic ignition's I believe the competition will allow brands to produce something better than what we currently have or what we are accustomed to.


    "Hats off to Tri-Spark and Vape..."


    This year I feel that Tri-Spark and Vape have really brought a new philosophy to the table that has not been seen before.

    Tri-Spark has brought a new compact design making it the most advanced, easiest, and simplistic form of electronic ignition on the market today. (However, it also happens to be the most expensive)

    Vape has brought quality in form of design and simplicity making it great for new enthusiast and builders alike.

    To be clear I am not picking or choosing which EI you should install as they are all pretty darn good.


    Whats your vision?


    So whats your vision? Where do you think electronic ignitions will be in the future?

    My vision is just as valid as yours.

    Let us know what you think by commenting in the section below - feel free to share this post with your fellow vintage British motorcycle enthusiasts on Facebook or on Pintrest.

    I would appreciate everyone's feedback on this discussion.

    Thanks and ride safe.



    • Classic British Spares

      @Rod Tew – all are good but I like Tri-Spark the best

    • Rod Tew

      In your own opinion, which is the most reliable?

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