Raber's Parts Mart

Raber's Parts Mart

So I'm sure like most of us in this industry have heard the sad news that Raber's Parts Mart in San Jose, California will be liquidating there entire parts and inventory.

I was in disbelief when I heard this news because Raber's Parts Mart has been involved in our vintage British motorcycle community for decades. Raber's Parts Mart has provided our community with valuable and rare spares, craftsmanship and also knowledge that many company's can't do today.

Although Raber's Parts Mart and CBS are in the same industry and catering to the same customers (competitors) I still wanted to personally express how I feel about this.

A major blow to our industry


Photo courtesy - "Raber's Parts Mart"

No one likes hearing when company's retire or call it quiets. Especially when ones name and company has been around for ages while folks depend on them.

Today, I feel as if the vintage British motorcycle community has suffered another major blow.

Lets face it, vintage Triumph, BSA and Norton motorcycles have been out of production for many decades. Parts are getting harder and more expensive to obtain. Loosing a parts dealer like Raber's Parts Mart just makes it one step harder.


What does the future hold for Raber's Parts Mart?

Since the news broke out recently about Raber's Parts Mart we have heard many different reasons of why Raber's Parts Mart will not be selling parts.

Regardless of all the rumors, speculations and "here say" I personally believe that Raber's will always be around to serve the vintage British motorcycle community in anyway that they can.


CBS welcomes you!

Although Raber's Parts Mart will not be selling vintage Triumph parts, BSA motorcycle parts or Norton Commando parts from what we can see, we wanted to express that Raber's Parts Mart customers are welcome here anytime at CBS parts.

Here at Classic British Spares we we wanted extend our open arms to those who own and ride vintage British motorcycles that are seeking parts in the Northern and Southern California regions.

Although we might not have the rare parts inventory or history like Raber's Parts Mart had, Classic British Spares does have a large stock of traditional Triumph, BSA and Norton parts.


 Take advantage of what CBS has to offer you today:

  • Free shipping on all USA orders
  • Affordable international shipping rates
  • Orders ship same day if placed before 2PM (PST)
  • Over 10,000 parts in-stock
  • Free parts books, newsletters, blogs and tech
  • Quality customer service and online support


    Click here for more information about Classic British Spares and our company


    Long live Raber's!

    We wish Raber's the best of luck and hope everything works out for them. Again, it's really disappointing to see such a change when a company is a pillar of the community come.

    I'm sure most of you can understand why this matter is of importance.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read today's blog post. If you have any questions please feel free to shoot us an email sales@classicbritishspares.com or leave a comment in the section below.

    Thanks for reading!


    • mike hadden

      The question is who bought all the little odball hard parts and rare stuff that always seems to be missing on the latest project? Rabers always seem to have the rarest body part,transfer or clip that I just couldn’t do without. I will miss them sorely

    • Rich Garisto

      What a blow. I hope CBS can fill the void.

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