Lucas Wiring Color Code Key

Lucas Wiring Color Code Key

Lucas Wiring Color Code Key

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To this day Lucas electrics have always had a bad wrap. Their reputation has always been on the line some way or another. Lucas has been commonly known as the "prince of darkness", "prince of the night" , and the inventor of the "self dimming" headlight.

All jokes aside Lucas's reputation and reliability has been getting better over the years by the new quality products that Lucas is now producing.


Today's blog post is a Lucas wiring color code key which basically decodes all the Lucas wiring colors as found on most vintage British motorcycles. Lucas wiring on a vintage Triumph, BSA, Norton and others where standardized across the industry up to the 1980's.


This sheet was printed in a magazine article back in the 1990's and has resurfaced again (a customer of mine has forwarded me this chart to share to you all). After some quick editing we now have a nice readable and usable chart.


You can download, print, or save your copy today by clicking on the image above. Thanks for reading today's blog post. Don't forget to comment in the section below.


  • Dan

    Looks like a useful chart, a keeper

  • Doug

    Cheers and Thanks! This will definitely come in handy

  • Jason Massarella

    This will help a great deal… thanks

  • Danny

    Thanks so much. What a super, helpful chart. You rock!!

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