Up Close: 1970 Triumph Dual Clear Hooter Windtone Horns

Genuine Original (NOS) High & Low Note Clear Hooter Horns. Triumph Part # 60-2256 & 60-2257 (D2256 & D2257)


Rare, scarce, limited & expensive are all words to describe Triumph / BSA dual Clear Hooter horns. No these are not your typical Automobile horns as seen on Jaguars & MG's... (Although they do look similar). These particular Clear Hooter horns are often referred to as "The Holy Grail of Horns", and here's why. Clear Hooter horns where made and produced in England for British automobiles and motorcycles from the 1930's through the 1970's. Similar to Lucas but on a lower scale as far as "popularity". They seemed to only produce horns, lamps, quick torches (flash lights) & dip switches. Quality seemed to be better then the Lucas "Prince Of Darkness".

Vintage Advertisement from an old magazine of Clear Hooters LTD. advertising there new model horn.
Many BSA & Triumph models where fitted with Clear Hooter horns when Lucas was either not available or an alternative budget was in place. You simply don't want to stall the assembly line, so many times whatever was available... they installed it. Not all Clear Hooter horns are rare but most are valuable. But, the rarest and most sought-after are the 1969 & 1970 variations. This set pictured (at the top) is the 1970 type with metal dome covers unlike the 1969 types. These horns where expensive then and even limited from the factory. To be clear, many Bonneville's (69-70) did not come with these horns as stock... Why is that? Well, there are a couple reasons and theory's. Clear Hooter couldn't keep up with production & Triumph / BSA where budget cutting as these horns where expensive. Instead of fitting Dual Clear Hooter "Windtone" horns, the factory installed dual TR6 horns. I have seen many low mileage, 1 owner machines and most have dual TR6 horns even though a parts book doesn't show the TR6 horn for the Bonneville!  The dual TR6 Horns mount the same way as the Clear Hooter Horns via the center mounting bracket along with the 6RA Lucas relay box.


NOS Lucas 6RA Horn Relay W/ Box as fitted for models that used the Dual Clear Hooter Horns (BSA & Triumph)
I'm sure some of you may be asking if I'm willing to sell mine, and to be honest, I'm not ready to let them go. I realize once I sell them, I may not find another set for my 1970 Bonneville! Clear Hooter horns have a glorious, smooth sound to them mimicking an automobile sound. Not your typical Duck sounding horn... 1969-1970 Bonneville’s, Rocket III’s, Lightning’s & Trident’s where fitted with Clear Hooter horns but instead of a Metal Dome cover like 1970, the 1969 variation they was plastic. In my opinion, the 1969 variation are even more rare if you can find them in good shape. The plastic covers when found where are always missing or damaged beyond repair. So, if you have a pair of Clear Hooter horns or even just one... hold onto to them, as the days go by they are getting harder and harder to find. They are a must have for a 100 point Restoration. Recently, we found a source in which now we are now able to supply the new Clear Hooter replica horns. We have both the 1969 60-1900 & 60-1901 version and the 1970 60-2256 & 60-2257 version. Stock is very limited. -C.B.S.

Alternative Part Number's


(1970) Triumph: 60-2256, 60-2257, D2256 & D2257
(1970) BSA: 19-2076 & 19-2077


  • Sudesh T Bhagwandass

    Hi Friends. Where can I locate a vendor for Lucas Wind tone Horn Points

  • Robert


  • Robert

    I’ve got 1 clear hooter vintage horn and 1 alttet vintage I have for sale
    Extra bits from sunbeam project. Contact me if interested located in oregon usa

  • Greg Hawtin

    Hi people, Are these “Clear Hooter Horns” to suit 1970 Bonneville still available?
    Parts 60-2256 & 60-2257 or
    D2256 & D2257
    Kind regards Greg Hawtin

  • Jorge Bucio

    Hirns for T120R year 1969? Can you olesde orovife a quote? Thanks
    Jorge Bucio

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