Lunch At The “Getty Museum” -2023 (BSAOCSC Corona Street Ride)

Lunch At The “Getty Museum” -2023 (BSAOCSC Corona Street Ride)


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The BSAOCSC (BSA Owners Club of Southern California) hosts its annual “Corona Street Ride” that took place on Saturday, February 5th

Starting from Mark Walter’s house in Corona, the club will ride from Corona all the way to the “Getty Museum” in Perris, for lunch, prior to riding to “March Field Air Museum” for the final destination

I took video footage and interviewed of some of the club riders and members at the “Getty Museum” prior to the ride out..

Big shoutout to Bill Getty (JRC Engineering) for the hospitality, bike show, open house and also to the BSAOCSC for hosting such a great club ride



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