Triumph BSA Wipac Tricon Type Switch Horn Dip Kill Button CBS-0092 Universal

  • $ 19.95

*New!* Top Quality Wipac Tricon Type Handlebar Dipper, Kill, & Horn Switch. Ducon Electrical Products are long unavailable... but, EMGO is making this Replica Switch that almost looks Identical to the Original Types! Switch will fit any 7/8" Handlebars! Features 5-Lead Wires that Measures approx 18" Long, High / Low Beam Dipper,  Kill Button, & Horn Button! This Switch was fitted to many British Motorcycles from Triumph, BSA, Norton, Etc as a "Universal" Purpose! May also fit Japanese Motorcycles! Please refer to your parts catalog for proper fitment.

*****Please check the Specifications abouve to ensure that this part is correct for your application!*****

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•Made by EMGO
•O.E.M Part number is CBS-0092