Triumph 350 / 500 Swingarm Bushing Line Reamer Kit By CBS - T90 / T100 / 3TA / 5TA / Etc

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When it comes down to installing new swing arm bushings for your vintage Triumph 350 & 500 unit twin, it is essential to line ream each bushing after installation 

You can only achieve a straight and "in line" bushing set-up by line reaming 

This tool kit that we are offering today will allow you to ream each new swingarm bushing to the proper size allowing approx .001" clearance

CBS Swingarm Bushing Reamer & Pilot Kit

Our complete swingarm bushing reamer kit was designed by CBS and made for CBS to our complete specifications 

Included in this single kit is a ground 7/8" reamer (.875") with a 3/4" shaft and an aluminum pilot that is sized (honed) in house using a Sunnen MBB-1600 machine

We take pride that every pilot is hand sized by our CBS team to ensure a straight, round and concentric pilot

Ready to size your swingarm bushings?

If you have new swingarm bushings installed, you will need this kit 

The cost of this kit is more affordable than making your own tool or having a machine shop do the job for you 

Now can be independent and size your own swingarm bushings in your shop or home garage the proper way 

Kits & applications

 Application Parts Included In Kit
Triumph 350 / 500 unit twins (1957-1974) 7/8" Reamer & Pilot

*Please note that this kit will work with ALL Triumph 350 & 500 unit twins from 1957-1974 including the 3TA, 5TA, T90, T100, etc



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