Triumph Twins / Triples Replacement Shifter Forks (1) - Choose Make / Model / Fork Type

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New Triumph replacement mainshaft and layshaft gear selector forks. Worn or bent shift forks can cause all kinds of problems and headaches. It is extremely vital that both your mainshaft and layshaft forks are straight and true.

Our new shift forks are designed to replace the original Triumph forks that where standard equipment on Triumph 4-speed and 5-speed models. We stock the early cast iron shifter forks as well as the later bronze types.

Shift forks will work with most Triumph 4-speed 5-speed models including the 6T, TR6, T110, T120, TR7, T140, etc from approx 1950 through the late 1980's. Check your parts book to ensure the best fitment.


Please use the drop down menu to select which shifter fork you desire - shifter forks are sold each - photos are generic

  • Made in England
  • OEM part number is 57-4366, T4366, 57-4307, T4307, 57-4308, T4308, 57-2596, 57-0260, T2596, T260, 57-0913, T913, 57-4660, T4660, 57-4364, T4364