Triumph Cub Rear Wheel Axle Mounting Nut (1) - 37-1000 (5/8" X 20)

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*Now In Stock!* New English Made Triumph "Singles" Rear Axle Nut Mounting. Is your Axle Nut worn? or Stripped? Well we have the part that you need! Top Quality Nut that is ready to be fastened! Measures 5/8" with a thread pitch of 20 TPI! Comes with a Lovely Zinc Finish! Fits all Triumph Cub & Terrier models (T15, T20, T20S, T20M, Etc) from 1954-1967. Also fits various D7, D10 & D14 BSA Bantam Singles! Please refer to your parts catalog for proper fitment.
*****Please note that this nut will also fit more Triumph models that are not listed abouve! Check your Parts Book!*****
•Made in the UK
•O.E.M Part number is 37-1000 or W1000