BSA Tapered Neck Bearing Set - SRM

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Original steering bearings and races are prone to rust and corrosion when not properly lubed or serviced. When bearings are not serviced they will wear rapidly giving you a "notchy" feel when steering.

This neck bearing set is made in England by SRM to replace your old steering races and ball bearings. This set is complete and comes with X2 tapered neck bearings (top and bottom) along with cones / races - simply install it and you're ready to ride. Tapered neck bearings are smoother, stronger and will last 10X longer than the original steering bearing set-up.

This BSA SRM tapered neck bearing set will fit models including the A50, A65, A7, A10, M20, B31, B33 and others up to approx 1970. Please keep in mind that this set will fit models with a swing-arm frame (1954 and on) and "dry frames" (up to 1970). If you have any questions please let us know and we will help you out!

  • Made in England  by SRM
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