SRM Alloy Clutch Pressure Plate Kit - Choose Application

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Lets get right to it.... This new alloy pressure plate by SRM will solve your stiff clutch lever problems. With this set-up you no longer have to be the HULK to engage and disengage your clutch. I use this same set-up in my own bikes and they work.

Here how it works

SRM has designed this set-up to be used in conjunction with your original clutch push rod but here's the trick to making this set-up work. SRM uses a separate rod that features 8 small needle roller bearings which take up the drag when using your original set-up.

Now your clutch will be square without any drag which means your clutch will engage and disengage easier and smoother. Your lever will be much, much lighter. 
From SRM themselves: "A light two finger lift clutch operation is easily obtained by using these parts, also removes the gear " crunch" when changing gear  and neutral is easily selected when at a stop."
Detailed instructions by SRM themselves are included

What does it fit?

This clutch pressure kit (SRM-PP1) will fit all BSA A50 and A65 models and will also fit all Triumph 650 and 750 unit construction models with the 3-spring clutch.
The kit (SRM-PP4) will fit Triumph 3TA, 5TA, and T100 models with the spring clutch.
Use the drop down menu to select which SRM alloy spring pressure kit you desire for your application
  • SRM brand
  • Made in England
  • Manufacture part number is SRM-PP1 and SRM-PP4