Smiths Anti-Vibration Mount Replacement O-Ring Band (1) - Choose Band Type

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Smiths tachometers used for racing purposes usually require a special anti-vibration bracket - these brackets come in 2 different variations to suite large 3” (80MM) diameter tachs (ATRC, Chronometric & Magnetic) as well as the smaller 60MM units (RN tachs)

The purpose for anti-vibration brackets is to reduce vibration 

Most anti-vibration brackets over the years probably still have the original manufactures band, however most have now probably cracked, deteriorated or simply lost its strength..

Today we would like to offer you (2) types of new replacement o-ring bands designed to fit original and reproduction Smiths anti-vibration brackets..

For the smaller 60MM tachs I recommend our soft rubber and for the larger 80MM tachs I recommend using our firm band due to the weight of the 80MM units (your choice) 

We supply the proper o-ring, all you have to do is replace and install the new o-ring which is quite easy to do, in fact we even have a video below of how to remove /  install our new band..

Please use the drop down menu to select which o-ring you desire - sold each as pictured (tach and mount not included)  



Tutorial Video 




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