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Whether your restoring your original seat to concourse condition or looking to replace your foam on your everyday rider, C.B.S. has got you covered (no pun intended)!
Our seat foams are very high quality to replace original seat foams. With our classic British motorcycles being 50+ years old chances are your seat foam is sagging, worn out and is no longer comfortable for both you the rider and passenger.

Why choose C.B.S. seat foams?

All seat foams that you will find here for vintage BSA, Triumph and Norton motorcycles are contoured and sized exactly how the original foams where. Which means you get a pre-cut seat foam that looks original, feels original and is made of superior material that will last.

If you already have a seat cover and pan then all you need is this foam. There are no modifications needed with our foams. You can use new seat covers or original seat covers with this foam along with new or original seat pans.


Choose from a wide stock of seat foams that we have to offer. We stock most seat foams for Triumph, BSA, and Norton motorcycles whether you own a Triumph Bonneville, BSA Lightning or Norton Commando. Please review the drop down menu to select the seat foam you desire.


Click here if you need a new seat cover and other seat related parts


Use the drop down menu to select which seat foam you need. All seat foams are sold separately