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A dirty or an unclean air filter can cause more damaged to your engine than you might think. An air filter is the only protection you can offer to keep your top-end free of debris. When unwanted particles are flying into your engine your piston rings will wear as well as your cylinder - don't wait before it's to late.

Our air filters that we offer here today come in (2) types of elements. First, the paper air filter is the most affordable and features a paper element. This is great for those who do not want to clean there filters but instead replace it when it gets dirty.

The second type of filter features a gauze material. This filter is reusable and you can apply your favorite air filter oil. This is the best air filter to go with (my personal opinion).

Both air filters will fit most filter housings that where fitted to almost all Triumph, BSA, and Norton motorcycles. Works with both Monobloc and Concentric carbs that had the "pancake" filters. Measures approx 1 1/2" wide, outer diameter measures 4 5/8" with an inner diameter of 3 3/8". Check your parts book to ensure the best fitment.


Use the drop down menu to select which type of air filter element you desire - filters are sold individually


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