Lucas Replacement Rear Taillight LED Bulbs - Choose Bulb Type

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Ride your vintage British motorcycle in comfort knowing that the person riding or driving behind you can actually see you. Installing LED light bulbs do more than offer a bright light. They offer safety and clarity to those around you.

Our LED rear tail light bulbs will replace the conventional Lucas light bulbs. All LED light bulbs that we are offering will work with both + / - ground applications... 

Although our LED light bulbs are brighter they do not put any strain on your charging system. In fact, our LED stop light bulbs put less load on your charging system.... it's a "win win" situation. Bulbs will fit most Triumph, BSA, and Norton motorcycles that where equipped with Lucas tail lights.

Please note that all bulbs are sold each as pictured 

#380 LED Bulbs

  • #380 bulbs where fitted to most Triumph, BSA and Norton motorcycles from approx 1965 and on with the L679, "beehive", or late "square style" rear stop light assembly. Features 2 pins (push and turn).

  • Made in Taiwan
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