Permatex Gasket Remover

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Using razor blades or a flat straight edge doesn't always get the job done when removing old gaskets. We personally like to use Permatex Gasket Remover on all of our cases and parts.


Simply spray this gasket remover over your old gaskets and let it sit and they should be substantially easier to remove. Safe to use on all types of paper gaskets and surfaces.


Great for all applications from motorcycle to vehicles. Use the drop down menu to select which canister you desire.

  • Built-in brush-tip designed for easy application, allows for scrubbing on intricate surfaces
  • Fast-foaming action penetrates the most stubborn or baked-on gaskets in 15-20 minutes
  • Removes solvent-based gasketing, anaerobic gasketing and gasket sealant products
•Manufacture part number is 80645