Norton Commando Twins Layshaft Roller Bearing 06-7710 1969-75

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 New FAG Norton Commando Twins "Upgrade" Layshaft Roller Bearing. If your rebuilding your Norton Gearbox, or even contemplating about taking it apart then you need to read this! Due to many unfortunate catastrophic Ball Bearing failures on the Norton transmissions, (specifically the Layshaft) caused by low quality bearings, axial loads and friction, we have found an excellent quality replacement roller bearing which will eliminate your problems and future problems from ever taking place! Though we are not the "Creators" of this conversion, we are always look for excellent replacement parts and tricks to keep your bike running strong & reliable! Bearing comes with 11 individual rollers & a Heavy-Duty "Polyamide" Cage. Fits all Norton Commando Twins from 1969-1975 that will replace the layshaft Ball Bearing (04-0100). Will also work on various AMC & "Lay Down" Gear Boxes! Please review all part numbers to ensure the best fitment.
*****Please note that you will have to shim your layshaft accordingly to accommodate end float when using this roller bearing (approx .005"-.010")!*****
•FAG Brand
•O.E.M Part number is 06-7710 or NM18337