Modern Motorcycle Mechanics - 7th Edition - J.B. Nicholson

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Brand-new "Modern Motorcycle Mechanics" Seventh Edition Reprint by J.B. Nicholson. For those who do not know, this book is widely known as the motorcyclist bible! This book has 763 pages of extensive & valuable information for any classic motorcycle owner! Brands featured are Arial, BSA, Harley Davidson, Honda, Indian, Kawasaki, Matchless, AJS, Norton, Panther, Royal Enfield, Sunbeam, Suzuki, Triumph, Velocette, Vincent, Villiers, and Yamaha. Everything from how to service your drive chain, transmission, troubleshooting, tips, piston clearance, and all the way down to rebuilding your engine. This book has it all and more! You will not be disappointed! J.B Nicholson was only 25 years old when he published his first edition book in 1942. There has been a total of 7 editions produced by Nicholson from 1942 to the last 7th edition in 1974. If your motorcycle was produced from 1942-1974 chances are it's in this book! Makes a great gift for Dad...or Mom!
•Printed In Canada