Maxima Maxum 4 Break-In Oil

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Using the wrong type of oil during an engine or top-end rebuild is critical. Not only is it important but if you use the wrong type of oil your rings will never "seat" properly thus giving you poor engine performance and a smoking engine.


On all vintage British motorcycle engine rebuilds we use 10W-30 Maxima Maxum 4 break-in oil to ensure that our rings will be properly seated.


Maxima break-in oil has high zinc properties suited for engines with flat tappets and roller cam engines. You will not find this oil at your local motorcycle shop or Auto Zone. Get here at Classic British Spares.


Use the drop down menu to select which oil weight you desire.

  • For use in the break-in of high performance race engines and stock engines
  • Promotes ring seal and provides maximum protection for cams and all critical valve train components.