Lucas K2F Replacment Magneto Electronic Ignition Housing (1)

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Most folks today have a "love / hate" relationship with Lucas magnetos. I personal dig Lucas magnetos but I do have to admit sometimes getting them set-up properly does take skill, time, and money.

To tackle all the pitfalls of the original Lucas magneto systems we would like to introduce to you a new part that will solve all your ignition problems. Say hello to the Lucas K2F electronic ignition replacement body and goodbye to your old Lucas magneto.

Lucas Replacement Magneto Body

OK so here is the low-down. This new component is produced in England by Lucas today. Yes made in England!

What does this unit do?

This component will replace your entire original Lucas magneto system from your motorcycle and will give you the capability to run electronic ignition. This plug n' play unit will fit right into your motorcycle and will allow you to run the new Vape electronic ignition system.

The body is split into 2 halves and you install the Vape stator and rotor on the inside. The rotor will be driven off the shaft once offered and installed on your motorcycles.

What all do I need?

To be clear this component is just the body. However it does come with leads, dummy pick-ups, seals, shaft and a sealed bearing. All you need to convert to electronic ignition using this Lucas body is a Vape unit. (click here to purchase the Vape electronic ignition system)

Hows the quality?

The quality of this unit is first class. CNC alloy housing allows a precision fit when installing to your motorcycle. Lucas also "tumbled" this unit to give a more authentic and original finish. Once installed your old vintage British motorcycle will look original but will also have a modern touch.

Why upgrade?

Upgrading to an electronic ignition system will give your motorcycle many benefits over using a Lucas magneto.

  • Easier to start

  • Better throttle response

  • No adjusting

  • Smoother running

  • More reliable

  • Less components

  • Less expensive in the long run

  • and more...


Whats included / applications

You will get everything as shown. Lucas magneto ignition body (electronic ignition not included), leads and dummy pick-ups. This unit will work with all twin-cylinder motorcycles that had a Lucas K2F magneto from various Triumph, BSA, Norton, AJS and Matchless motorcycles. Should you have any questions regarding this unit please feel free to contact us at anytime.


Please note that this unit will only accept the Vape electronic ignition system (not included) - no exceptions



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