H4 LED Headlight Bulb 40W - Hi / Lo

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For sale is a new H4 LED headlight bulb. If your looking for a brighter and more powerful headlight bulb then this bulb is exactly for you. This LED bulb is rated at 40W which mean you can have a bright light without putting strain on your stator.


Bulb will work with any headlight that can accept an H4 bulb with a 3-prong input.  Features a small fan to keep cool along with a voltage regulator box. Works with 8V - 48V (+) positive or (-) negative ground including hi / low beam.


All LED light bulbs are guaranteed to be bright, fit, and last much longer than any Lucas light bulb. No modifications required! Although our LED light bulbs are brighter they do not put any strain on your charging system. If fitting to a vintage Triumph, BSA or Norton please make sure your harness has a 3-spring adapter along with the correct headlight unit that can accept an H4 bulb.

  • Made in Taiwan
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