Gasgacinch Gasket Sealer

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Many vintage British motorcycles of the period did not come with gaskets in most cases. For example, Triumph twins did not use gaskets on the inner and outer gearbox covers as well as on the timing cover. So what do you use instead of a gasket? Gasgacinch (gas-gah-cinch).

Gasgacinch is a gasket and belt sealer - its formula allows a seal to always stay pliable and flexible which is perfect for alloy covers, cases, and flanges. Unlike many other sealers on the market Gasgacinch will not harden or crack keeping your motor safe and secure when in use. 
  • Provides unmatched gasket sealing properties, preventing leak and reducing expensive repairs
  • Gasgacinch Gasket Sealer remains flexible and makes it easier to assemble and disassemble an engine or transmission
  • Adheres to carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, titanium, lead, magnesium, synthetic and natural rubber, copper and cork
•Manufacture part number is 440A