Norton / BSA "Flip-Top" Gas Cap Service Kit (1)

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Your original Norton Ceandess "flip top" gas cap is in great shape but the rubber seal is cracked and brittle, perhaps you should replace your seal. Often times not only the seal is bad but sometimes the rivet can break.


This service kit comes with everything you need to rebuild your Ceandess "flip top" gas cap. Comes with a seal, spring, grommet, washer, pin and screws as pictured. Works with "flip top" caps as fitted to late model BSA singles and twins (68-8190), Norton Commando twins (06-0681 / 060681) and even late model Triumph 750 twins (82-9130).


Original Ceandess "flip top" caps had a rivet fitted in the center, you will have to remove the riveted to able to gain access to all other parts. Once done, you can use the screw provided to secure it to the cap making future seal changes easier.


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