BSA A50 / A65 Layshaft Selector Shift Fork (1) - 68-3160 - 1962-72 (NOS)

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Genuine New Old Stock BSA Unit Twins Layshaft Selector Fork. Experiencing Transmission problems? Gears not wanting to engage? Chances are your shifting fork(s) are either worn and/or bent..
Selector Forks play a crucial role in your transmission to keep it functioning and operating properly. Fits all BSA 500 & 650 Unit Twins (Lightning, Royal Star, Hornet, Star, Rocket, Wasp, Spitfire, Firebird, Etc) from 1962-1972. Please refer to your parts catalog for proper fitment.

•Made in the UK
•O.E.M Part number is 68-3160 or 68-3034