BSA / Triumph Singles Clutch Hub Roller Bearings (25) - 57-2719 - C15 / B40 / B44 / TR25W

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*Now In Stock!* New English Made Triumph & BSA Unit Singles Clutch Hub Roller Bearing Set. All 25 Roller Bearings are included! Rebuilding your clutch? Chances are these bearings are probably worn and should be replaced! Do not settle with your used and worn out bearings! Each roller measures 3/16" X 3/16"! Fits all BSA Unit Singles (C15, B40, SS80, SS90, B44, Victor, B25, C25, Star Fire, B25SS, B50, Etc) from 1959-1973. Also fits all Triumph Unit Singles (TR25W Trophy, Trail Blazer, T25T, Blazer & T25SS) from 1968-1971. Please refer to your parts catalog for proper fitment.
*****Please note that this set may fit other Unit Singles that are not listed abouve!*****
•Made in the UK
•O.E.M Part number 57-2719 or 40-3206