Ewarts Petcock 3/8" Sealing Fiber Washers (2)

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*New!* English Made BSA Petcock Sealing Fiber Washer Set. You will get the two as pictured. As most of you already know, or tried at least, fitting a Triumph petcock washer (Dowty) onto your BSA petcock will not work! Although the Triumph washers do provide a much better sealing, we have had great success using these fiber washers on our own tanks! A little Teflon tape on the threads will not hurt to provide a better seal! Fits large BSA 3/8" petcocks as used on a wide variety of models (A50, A65, C15, B40, B44, B25, C25, B31, B32, A7, A10, etc) up to approx 1970. Please refer to your parts catalog for proper fitment. 
*****Please note that this petcock washer set is only compatible with the large BSA 3/8" petcocks!*****
•Made in the UK
•O.E.M Part number is 82-9204, 24-8504 or 70-8121