BSA Kickstart Mainshaft Lock Tab Washer 68-3301 67-3164 A50 A65 A7 A10 B31 B33

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*Back In Stock!* New English Made BSA Unit Twins Mainshaft Kickstart Locking Tab Washer. This is as good as it gets! Don't re-use that "Buggerd" up Tab Washer again! Start Fresh! Fits all BSA A50 & A65 Unit Twins (Lightning, Thunderbolt, Rocket, Wasp, Spitifre, Royal Star, Etc) from 1962-1972. Also fits a wide range of BSA Pre-Unit Twins & Singles (Shooting Star, Rocket Goldstar, Goldenflash, B31, B32, Etc) up to 1963. Please refer to your parts catalog for proper fitment.
*****Always check your parts book & numbers to ensure the best fitment! May fit other models that are not listed abouve!*****
•Made in the UK
•O.E.M Part number is 68-3301 or 67-3164