BSA Front Brake Shoes - 8" SLS - 68-5541 / 68-5543

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BSA motorcycles have always been know to have poor stopping power. In fact all vintage British motorcycles have poor stopping power expect those with disc brakes! Now you can own a new set of BSA brake shoes for your classic twin.
EMGO brakes do not feature rivets which means you can get more life out of your shoes without the risk of damaging your hub.
Brake shoes will replace BSA part number 68-5541 and 68-5543. Suited for BSA twins that where equipped with the 8" cast iron (flanged) single sided brake from approx 1966-1967 which include the Lightning, Royal Star, Thunderbolt, Victor, etc May fit earlier models but refer to your parts book first.
  • Made by EMGO
  • Replaces part number 68-5541 & 68-5543