BSA Engine Alloy Finned Sump Plate W/ Magnetic Plug A7 A10 A50 A65

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New Top Quality BSA Unit & Pre-Unit Twins Alloy Finned Magnetic Sump Plate. If your looking for an additional way (you Should!) to prevent "Unwanted" Debri in your Engine & Oil, then this Sump Plate is your Ticket! This Sump plate comes with a Magnetic Plug which will catch any Metal materials & Foreign objects in your Engine and prevent it from circulating causing damage! Alloy Plate comes with a "Die Cast Finish" to keep it looking "Authentic / Period Correct" but also serving a vital purpose! Fits all BSA A50 & A65 Twins (Star, Thunderbolt, Royal Star, Wasp, Hornet, Lightning, Firebird, Etc) from 1962-1972. Also fits BSA Pre-Unit A7 & A10 Twins (Golden Flash, Rocket Goldstar, Spitfire Scrambler, Road Rocket, Shooting Star, Etc) from 1947-1963. Please refer to your parts catalog for proper fitment. 
*****Please check the parts numbers here and your parts book to ensure the Best Fitment!*****
•Made in the UK
•O.E.M Part number is CBS-61221, 67-1285 or 67-1286